oogiebear-brite Baby Booger Remover - Nighttime LED Light


FSA or HSA eligible

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All the benefits of the oogiebear, except the brite has a built-in light too! This tool is designed to help parents be able to clean their baby’s nose and ears without having to turn on a bright light and wake them up. Ideal for newborn care and a must-have in your baby essentials list for infants aged 2, 3, 4 months and beyond, the oogiebear brite is a superior alternative to the traditional snot sucker. This baby health must-have promises a gentler, more effective approach to maintaining your baby's nasal and ear cleanliness. Discover the difference with oogiebear, the ultimate solution in baby booger management and a staple in your diaper bag essentials.

  • Light-Up Design the built-in LED light helps you to be able to see into baby’s nose and ears and find those boogers and ear wax, without having to wake them up!  
  • Patented Scoop and Loop Attachments – this tool comes with our patented scoop attachment for dry boogers and ear wax. It also comes with a loop attachment for sticky boogers and ear wax! Just pull the attachments off when it’s time to clean them - just use soap and water and don’t be too rough!
  • oogiebear Anywhere the brite is lightweight and easy to clean which makes it a handy infant snot remover for home or on the go – it also comes with a case for easy storage of all parts!
  • Doctor Designed Mom Tested - Created by a registered pharmacist and mother, the brite is made to help your infant breathe easier and sleep easier which makes for better health and more smiles for babies and parents alike.

Customer Reviews

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AnnaMarie Natoli

It's a gift for my godson who lives in Seattle!


I use this every single day! Best purchase. Every baby mama needs one!

Mommy Lifesaver

Makes it easy to get to those hard boogies that mama can’t get. No fuss at all. Quick and easy.


Don’t work


Nifty safe item