oogiebear-brite Baby Booger Remover - Nighttime LED Light

  • 30 day money back. lifetime product replacement guarantee
  • DUAL ENDED DESIGN – oogiebear’s 2 in 1 baby ear and nose cleaner gadget is among parents' top baby essentials for infant registry. The scoop end removes baby and toddlers dried nose boogers and earwax. The loop end lassos sticky snot. Tweezer Alternative.
  • OOGIEBEAR ANYWHERE - oogiebear is lightweight and easy to clean which makes it a handy infant snot remover for home or on the go.
  • PICK DON'T SUCK - The original oogiebear booger picker and earwax remover is simple to use and clean no infant saline drops or aspiration tube required
  • DOCTOR DESIGNED MOM TESTED - Created by a registered pharmacist and mother oogiebear is made to help your infant breathe easier and sleep easier which makes for better health and more smiles for babies and parents alike.
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Mommy Lifesaver

    Makes it easy to get to those hard boogies that mama can’t get. No fuss at all. Quick and easy.

    Nek Siobud
    Light makes it easier

    Def recommend using this with lightening speed when your child is asleep. The light helps you to be accurate and fast, cause once they wake up its game over.

    Araceli Sanchez

    Every parent should have one of these. I bought one 3 years ago loved it and now I got this one with the light which makes it better. I use it on my NB and my 3yr old

    Funnyguy 84

    Saw It On Shark Tank

    Mallory JM
    Works better than any of the other devices

    I spent $30 on an electric asperator and $20 on the Friday nose sucker, which are both sub par. This is the first thing that has actually worked! Got the big boogers out faster than the suction bulb would have. The light version is definitely worth the extra money! Makes a big difference in night and daytime.