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Organic Baby Skin Care Products

Hydrate, repair and nourish with the best organic baby skin care products Shop top-rated organic baby skin care products from oogiebear


Our drive to provide parents with reliable, safe baby care products does not stop with the oogiebear—a booger and ear wax tool. We developed a line of the best organic baby skin care products to help clear infant airways and provide long-lasting moisture to irritated skin. Both the oogiebear chestrub and the oogiebear nosebalm are non-toxic, USDA certified organic and are safely formulated for infants. To us here at oogiebear, the safety and health of your baby comes first. That is why you’ll find we make all our products in the USA without chemicals, fillers, or synthetics. 

We make our chest balms and nose balms with a cold-pressed method to ensure that all the natural compounds stay intact from when the balm is first pressed – right down to the last swipe. Combine our oogiebear nosebalm and oogiebear chestrub, with the oogiebear original booger picker, for the perfect trifecta of baby nasal care solutions and the best organic baby skin care products. 

If you have any questions about our top-rated organic baby skin care products, please contact our team—we’re happy to help! 

—we’re happy to help!