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oogiebear vs. Aspirator Bulb Hospital Freebies

oogiebear vs. Aspirator Bulb Hospital Freebies

Baby nasal aspirators, sometimes referred to as baby ‘nose aspirators’, can be an incredibly useful tool for nasal congestion and helping to clean your baby’s delicate noses. These baby aspirators are meant to create a suction and remove mucus or boogers safely and effectively. Unfortunately, as the saying goes, you get what you pay for (or don’t pay for)!


Let’s first dig into the two main types of nasal aspirators currently available and typically provided for free at hospitals.


Let’s Talk About the Traditional One Piece Bulb:

  • Hard to Clean: one piece aspirator bulbs are often tough to clean effectively since they cannot be opened properly for access to the inside. This can lead to mold growth inside (yuck!), which you definitely do not want.
  • Safety: Cheap bulb aspirators are not design for comfort or ease of usecan be uncomfortable and very scary to use on a wiggly baby.  
  • Ineffective: One piece bulbs and similar aspirators (including complicated mouth suction aspirators) aren’t effective at removing dry mucus (who are we kidding, we’ll just say boogers.) Also, the suction is generally not strong enough, thus ineffective in both ways.
  • Unappealing: Let’s be honest, those free bulb handouts look like they shouldn’t leave the hospital. The design is not friendly and intimidating for babies — it’s scary! Those aspirators just aren’t cute, and moms feel that discomfort when using them too. While this seems relatively insignificant, any parent could tell you that these little things can make a big difference. You’ll want a product that can just make you smile.

    Mouth Suction Nasal Aspirators:

    Bulb aspirators aren’t your only option for sucking out boogers from your infant’s nose. However, aspirators powered with mouth suction come with their own set of detriments.

    • Hard to Assemble: Mouth suction nasal aspirators have many parts that need to be put together before use (good luck). Every time it is cleaned, it can be inconvenient and frustrating to finagle them back together, especially when you’re on the go. We all know mom doesn’t have time for that!
    • Hard to Use: Mouth suction nasal aspirators require more hands than you have to use. If you have a wiggly baby, holding them still while figuring out a complicated aspirator sets you up for disaster. Not to mention, using your mouth to suck out boogers is just gross.
    • Difficult to Clean: Due to the number of parts that need to be cleaned, mouth suction nasal aspirators are arguably more challenging to clean than aspirator bulbs.
    • Unsafe: Using your mouth for suction creates a pathway for cross-contamination of viruses and bacteria between mom and baby... it’s unsanitary and potentially harmful! No one wants to care for a sick baby’s congestion when you’re also coming down with a cold. You want moms to be confident, not scared, of removing boogers from their congested baby.

      Ineffective: Included filters might not be high quality and ineffective at protecting mom from viruses and bacteria. Plus, just like old school bulbs, the mouth suction nasal aspirators are ineffective at removing dry mucus. While it seems like the options for a safer, more effective solution to this everyday problem are as stuffed-up as your baby’s nose; we are here to tell you that you and your baby can breathe easier with oogiebear’s alternatives…

      The oogiebear® way

      Here at oogiebear®, we are dedicated to providing parents with safer, easier, and more effective solutions for caring for the babies they love. That’s where the oogiebear, the #1 best-selling booger picker, steps in.

      We are excited to introduce you to the oogiebear® and what sets it apart from the hospital freebies we are all used to using. You would think we’d have a better way to relieve your baby by now!

      • No Assembly Required: the oogiebear booger picker requires absolutely no assembly, meaning it is ready to go whenever you need it! It’s perfect for on-the-go care, especially with our oogiebear storage case. It’s the diaper bag essential you didn’t know you needed.
      • Easy-To-Clean: This bulb aspirator alternative simply requires soap and warm water. There is no need to worry about potential mold growth with the oogiebear so you can feel confident in your cleaning job.
      • Safe: There is no fear of cross-contamination because the oogiebear provides an alternative to mouth suction. No filters, no tubes, and no difficult parts.
      • Stopping Mechanism: the signature bear head on each end of the oogiebear ensures that boogers will not be pushed further into the nose (especially useful for a wiggly baby).
      • Effective: Unlike other hospital aspirator freebies, oogiebear is good for dry mucus (and earwax, too!). What others can’t clean, oogiebear® can.
      • Super-Appealing: The oogiebear features a friendly and cute design that does not scare babies. You won’t find an oogiebear product that isn’t as adorable (… or almost as adorable) as your baby!
      • Innovative: The new oogiebear-brite makes for the perfect addition to the original oogiebear® with a new LED light to shine into babies’ noses to locate and remove any pesky boogers. No more using the phone light and waking up a sleepy baby (hopefully!)
        While the other methods are out there, and hospital freebies give you easy aspirator access, it doesn’t mean it’s the only way to relieve your baby from uncomfortable boogies. It’s time we update our methods! oogiebear® is here to fill the shortcomings with traditional bulb aspirator methods for clearing your baby’s nose.
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