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A Parent's Guide for Safe Baby Nose Cleaning

A Parent's Guide for Safe Baby Nose Cleaning

Have you ever wondered if you were cleaning your little one's nose the right way? Did you know cleaning boogers is simple, and has a big impact on the quality of your baby's everyday life? Save this guide as a quick reference for baby nose safety. 

Why Clean Your Baby's Nose?

  • Congested noses can hinder breathing, eating, and sleeping.
  • Clearing nasal passages reduces the risk of infections and keeps your baby comfortable.

    Tools You'll Need:

    • Nasal aspirator
    • Booger Picker
    • Saline spray

      Top Tips for Safe Nose Cleaning:

      1. Pick the Right Time: Choose calm moments for nose cleaning, like after a bath or before feeding. *Bonus- add some calming music to really set the scene*
      2. Use Saline Drops with Nasal Aspirators: Soften mucus with saline solution before suctioning.
      3. Gentle Suction: Place the aspirator at the nostril entrance and suction gently using the oogiebear baby bulb aspirator. Be sure not to stay inside the nose for too long.
      4. Booger Picker: If you see any dry boogers, grab your nearest booger picker and scoop them out 
      5. Stay Consistent: Make nose cleaning part of your routine, especially during cold season.

      booger picker and aspirator

      With these tips, you'll be a nose-cleaning pro, ensuring your baby stays happy, healthy, and booger-free. Enjoy the adventure of parenthood, one sniffle at a time! 👶👃✨

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