oogiebear Ear & Nose picker and Tooth bundle

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Introducing the ENT bundle, oogiebear’s best products for your baby’s ears, nose, and teeth! The ENT bundle includes the oogiebear original booger picker tool, to help you remove sticky mucus and dry boogers from little noses and ear wax from little ears too, our innovative oogiebear bulb aspirator for snot suction and removal and the oogiebear 360° teething toothbrush for baby’s gums and teeth. 

 oogiebear original booger picker: 

  • Great for little noses AND little ears! Tackle sticky mucus, dry boogers, ear wax and more with our patented loop and scoop tips. 
  • Gentle enough for little noses and ears; firm enough to clean quickly and effectively. 
  • Bear head design ensures you never go in too far! 

oogiebear bulb aspirator: 

  • Made with soft silicone that feels gentle on sensitive noses 
  • Easy to use and easy to clean! The three pieces come apart to clean with soap and water, and dry without fear of mold growth! No saline drops or tubes required. 
  • NO SUCKING (we know you’ll like that part). The oogiebear bulb aspirator is designed for strong suction just by squeezing the bulb. 
  • Bear head tip creates a secure seal of the nostril (the aspirator is not inserted in the nostril but rather forms a seal outside of the nostril.) while providing stability for you to apply the aspirator to baby’s nose.  

oogiebear 360° teething toothbrush: 

  • oogiebear’s adorable and innovative baby teething toothbrush provides better baby oral care and soothes teething babies with a soft bristle brush and bear head design that ensures it never goes in too deep. 
  • oogiebear’s 360° teething toothbrush soft silicone base is easy for baby to hold. Also, its stand-up base makes it easy to clean and store. 
  • Made for babies 3 months and older, the oogiebear teething toothbrush is the perfect tool to get your baby used to brushing before graduating to their first big-kid toothbrush.