Meet oogiebear: Innovating Baby Breathing Care with Heart and Science.

we got a deal on Shark Tank!

After personally experiencing the genius nature of the products and seeing the company’s meteoric rise, ABC’s Shark Tank producers reached out to Farzin about appearing on the show. She appeared, along with her supportive husband and family, on Season 14 in September 2022, during the show’s first ever live episode. Farzin and oogiebear were a huge hit, resulting in a lucrative investment deal with shark Barbara Corcoran.

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How We Started

oogiebear was born in 2015 when Nina Farzin, a pharmacist and mom of three, began by needing a gentle solution for clearing babies’ sensitive noses and ears. This stemmed from her personal experience dealing with nasal congestion in her own babies and later realized it's perfect for little ears too. Her daughter could not breath through the night and keeping her up as a working mother was the reason for her invention. The oogiebear booger picker, as featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, has become a staple in newborn care, known for its effectiveness in clearing stuffy noses and facilitating better breathing. This product is essential for maintaining infant nasal hygiene, and it’s often paired with the oogiebear aspirator. It's cute bearhead technology makes the cleaning process as painless as possible. 

This has not only innovated the way parents care for their infants during seasonal allergy seasons but has also brought peace of mind to many by ensuring their little ones can breathe easier and rest better year-round.

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