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8 Creative Nursery Ideas

8 Creative Nursery Ideas

During mom’s pregnancy, she’ll spend a lot of time preparing the space that her child will one day occupy. She’ll need the essentials: crib, changing table, dresser, rocking chair, etc. But she’ll also want to mix in some creativity to make the room truly unique for her little one. Here are some creative nursery ideas for your to try.

1. Baby clothes memory quilt

Babies run through clothes so quickly, you’ll undoubtedly be left with a few items (or maybe a few boxes of items). This is great way to commemorate those memories and give your child something special they can keep for a long time.

2. Fold down changing table

This is an ingenious idea for anyone who is raising a baby in a small space. A dedicated spot for changing diapers is a must, but when you’re tight on space it can be a pain to make room. Just make sure it’s fastened together surely.

3. Choose nontraditional colors

Gray is becoming a popular, gender-neutral color choice for parents who don’t know the sex of their baby or want to avoid gender stereotypes. This gray, purple, teal and pink nursery is modern and lovely.

4. Framed lullabies

This is the cutest artwork ever! Sing some nursery rhymes or lullabies to your child. Whichever one he or she responds to the most, find the sheet music and add it to a frame. So cute!

5. Pompon drawer handles

This is a clever way to turn something painfully ordinary (like a white dresser) into something fun and perfect for a nursery. This is a DIY project using simple colored yarn. Wrap it around the handles and tie it of for cute, colorful overs.

6. Fit the crib in the closet

Again, if you’re tight on space, this is an interesting set up. You can create some floor space by removing the closet doors and sticking the crib inside. Add some curtains or a shelf so it doesn’t feel like a closet.

7. Mount your changing table supplies

For a room with a rustic look, install a peg board and baskets above your changing table to stock all of your diapering supplies. The board is very versatile (you’ve probably seen them in workshops), so hang anything you like.

8. Fabric lampshade

Made from tied strips of various pieces of fabric, this lampshade is sure to bring a lot of color to your child’s room. It’s wild and sure to capture your little one’s attention.

Written by Dr. Nina Farzin, Inventor of oogiebear


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