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How to Get Dry Boogers Out of a Baby's Nose

How to Get Dry Boogers Out of a Baby's Nose

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With spring on the horizon, cold and allergy season is almost upon us. As you might be returning to the office from the holidays festivities, your baby will be returning to daycare. It's likely your baby will come home from daycare with the sniffles – but don't fret! Mucus is a prevalent problem new parents face during their baby's first cold and allergy season. It is a challenging problem when it comes to dry, hard-to-remove mucus. Unfortunately, our little ones aren't spared the sniffles of cold and allergy season, and our babies inevitably get stuffy noses, too, much to every parent's chagrin. We know that a stuffed-up baby means an unhappy baby, which means unhappy (and very tired!) parents. Thankfully, there are plenty of baby booger remedies for your little bear.

Mucus can be an issue not only because it makes your baby feel terrible but because hard boogers are particularly challenging to get out of their tiny noses! As a new parent (or even a seasoned one), you might find it challenging to know how best to help your baby when you aren't sure of the underlying cause of their symptoms. However, rest assured because there are a few effective ways to get dry boogers out of a baby's nose and clear up their congestion. To remove these pesky boogers, we have compiled some of the best information and tips for you here. We hope this information helps!

The following can cause dry mucus in babies:

- The most common cause of dry mucus is reduced nasal airflow.
- Dry mucus can be caused by an upper respiratory infection, allergies, or other common cold symptoms.
- It can also be caused by not having enough saliva due to dehydration or because you're using medications for a dry mouth like an antihistamine.
- Frequent nose blowing, which dries out secretions over time.
- An illness such as RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) can also cause babies to have dry mucus.
- Dryness may also be attributed to congestion in the nose and sinuses and lack of humidity in the air that prevents noses from producing it more efficiently themselves.

      Dried nasal mucus removal methods

      Dealing with dried nasal mucus is never fun, but removing it is not a hopeless endeavor. There are a few different methods to consider:

      - One option is to use a traditional nasal aspirator. These devices are readily available at most pharmacies, and they work by suctioning wet mucus out of your child's nose. Whether you can stomach using a mouth suction aspirator or not, aspirators, in general, might be less than effective when it comes to dry boogers.

      There is a superior alternative to the out-of-date aspirator, which is the oogiebear Baby Booger Picker toolThis is an aspirator alternative that works for BOTH wet and dry mucus. It is reusable, effective, and easy to use. When it comes to booger solutions – your best bet is something safe, simple, and effective. This tool has curved tips, a bear head stopper, loop, and scoop ends, and more unique and effective features. The patented bear head design ensures that the ends will not go too far into their nose and cause discomfort, and the curved rubber' scoop and loop' are specially created to be gentle enough for your baby!

      - Bathe your baby before removing mucus; steam can soften the boogers. Place your baby in a bathtub and let the moisture in. This can potentially loosen up any dried mucus that is inside of your baby's nose.

      - Place a humidifier in your child's room/nursery. Dryness and congestion can often be caused by lack of humidity in the air that prevents them from producing it more efficiently. Using a humidifier may help improve how much mucus is created, which will make their noses less dried out over time.

      - While suction does not work for dry mucus, you can soften the boogers using saline. You can make your own saline by mixing one teaspoon of salt with eight ounces of warm water. Swishes are how you should administer the solution to your baby's nose, and then you will need to let it sit for three minutes before proceeding.

      - You can also use a saline spray. This works by gently misting their nose with the solution and then using your finger to wipe out any dry mucus in babies that remains on the surface of their nose. This is an excellent method to use with babies under six months of age.

      - Another use of saline is nasal drops. These work by dissolving any dried nasal mucus on the surface of your baby's nose and making it easier for you to wipe out after administering them. The solution will go from their nostrils down into their throat, but the risk is that there may be some contact with the taste buds in their nose which can change how they perceive flavor going forward.

        Two things you should avoid at all costs when trying to remove dried nasal mucus:

        - Do not use your fingers or q-tips; this could poke and scratch the baby's already dry nose and make it even worse. That's where the oogiebear comes in handy. The bear head design ensures that the ends won't go too far into the nose, and the curved rubber 'scoop and loop' is gentle yet effective.

        - You should never give your baby any drugs or medications that a doctor does not explicitly prescribe, as these could make things even worse! Always consult your doctor for medical advice.

        Finally, it's time to clean up those boogers! If you have a baby, chances are they will have more than their fair share of nose-stuff during cold and flu season, and even out of it. No one likes picking snot out with their fingers, so we recommend the baby booger picker or the night-time friendly, light-up baby booger remover. These baby booger picker and booger removal tools make cleaning your little one's nose - no mess or fuss! Nose and ear issues are some of the main reasons why babies are taken to the emergency room, so stock up on our booger removers and all other necessary oogiebear products to keep your baby healthy and happy.

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