baby and oogiebear

for little noses

Is there anything more heartbreaking than the sound of a congested baby? For their first few months, a baby’s instinct is always to breathe through their nose, but their nasal passages are so small they become obstructed very easily, and when their nose is stuffed up, they can’t breathe properly to nurse, eat or sleep. And of course, they can’t blow their noses either.

New parents are sent home from the hospital with a bulb suction device, but it’s too big to fit into a newborn’s congested nose. This stops the bulb from causing injury from pushing it too far into the nasal passages, but they often push mucus further into baby’s nose, making it even harder to reach and creating more discomfort.

Saline mist can be effective, but it’s unfamiliar and a little uncomfortable at first for baby, and we wanted to create a better way.

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oogiebear package

oogiebear to the rescue!

The original oogiebear booger tool has two different ends: a loop end for sticky boogers and a scoop end for removing dried ones. It’s the ideal answer to the question of how to get boogers out of baby’s nose safely and completely. It’s made of soft, grippy rubber, and the bear-head design is both fun and safe — it prevents the oogiebear from going too far into baby’s nose or ear. oogiebear makes cleaning baby’s nose fun! (Okay, maybe not fun, but it does work great.) 

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Baby and bulb aspirator

giving the bulb aspirator the oogiebear treatment.

We also developed a new-and-very-much-improved version of the bulb aspirator, too. Ours features our bear head design in soft silicone to create a good seal against baby’s nostril to allow the suction to work, and it comes apart for easy cleaning. The hard-to-clean regular kind encourages mold growth. Yuck — not what you want near baby’s nose!

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pack with nosebalm and chestrub

oogiebear nosebalm too.

oogiebear nosebalm is the perfect way to moisturize chapped, delicate skin. Simply apply to baby’s nose, face and lips as often as needed — it’s ideal for dry, cold or windy conditions or the chapping around the mouth that can occur while baby is teething. Made with premium USDA organic ingredients, oogiebear nosebalm is essential care for your little one’s delicate skin.

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