Baby and teething toothbrush

for little mouths

Our noses and our mouths are closely connected, physiologically speaking. Did you know that over time, chronic mouth breathing actually changes the shape of our mouths and can lead to tooth crowding and other issues? Developing good lifelong nose breathing and oral care habits starts when kids are young. As soon as baby starts on solid foods, you can begin cleaning their gums, their tongue…and very soon, their first tooth!

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baby using oogiebear teether

oogiebear to the rescue!

Made for babies 3 months and older, our unique 360˚ Toothbrush is the perfect first tooth-and-gum brush. Its soft, short bristles are as gentle as they are effective, and we’ve placed bumps on the brush’s “bite-able” areas for gum stimulation. It’s easy for baby to hold, too, to get them used to the idea of brushing their own teeth before they graduate to their first big-kid toothbrush.

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