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Tips For Traveling With An Infant Or Baby

Tips For Traveling With An Infant Or Baby

Traveling is difficult itself. With all the planning, packing, and preparation that is involved, flying on a plane and traveling can be stressful. And believe it or not, having a baby can make traveling much more stressful for parents. In fact, many parents would rather stay at home altogether than go through the stress of flying and traveling with their children. But your little loved ones shouldn’t be the only thing keeping you from pursuing adventure! While flying and traveling with babies and infants may seem like a dreadful task, if done properly, it can really be a piece of cake. Whether you are traveling to visit family or going on a much-needed vacation, we decided to share some simple guidelines that parents can follow to make the airport and flight experience less stressful, allowing them to have a better start to their trip — check them out!


Everything you do with a baby requires some kind of preparation, whether you are taking a trip to the grocery store or taking them to a daycare or sitter. Of course, the same goes for flying and traveling. It is essential for parents to prepare as much as they can before they travel date. It is suggested to find out any information regarding the airline’s rules and regulations before arriving at the airport. Perhaps even for purchasing tickets, check the airline’s minimum age regulations for babies. If they are under the set age, it could end up saving you some money. When you book your flight, if you have the option to choose your seats, you will find yourself most comfortable in an aisle seat — which allows you to move around easily — or a bulkhead seat — which gives passengers extra legroom, a true blessing for parents traveling with babies.


One of the biggest challenges of traveling for new parents is trying to pack lightly. Babies require a lot of products and items, so finding a balance in between can be difficult. Packing too much will make walking through the airport and trip transportation more difficult, while not packing enough could be a scenario you don’t want to be faced with. Perhaps the most important thing to pack when flying with a baby is your carry on bag. You’ll want to have easy access to your carry on, as you will want to keep things in there you might need. Diapers, wipes, and small snacks are great items to keep in a carry on nearby; that way, you won’t have to dig through your luggage before a diaper change. Part of the preparation and research done beforehand should include what restrictions the airline has for carrying liquids. Keep in mind that the restrictions do not apply to breast milk and food for a baby. You’ll want to assure that you pack extra milk, snacks, and food to allow for any delayed flights or long layovers.


All airports require TSA to screen every airline passenger, however, the rules and processes for children are a bit different. As most passengers are required to remove shoes, most airport security rules will not expect young children to remove their shoes, especially if the airport is busy. It is likely security will have you carry your baby through the scanning system. Regardless, the airport security aims to use fewer means of inspection for children, so be sure to follow their orders and procedures. Don’t be afraid to ask questions to assure that you are and your child are following the right instructions.

With the time it takes to get through security, not only is it important to arrive at the airport early enough to allow for additional time to get through security, if you want to save time, it is important to wear the best kind of clothing. Although they will likely already be juggling plenty of luggage and equipment as it is, parent’s can speed up the inspection process by dressing correctly. Do this by wearing shoes that easily slip on and off and avoiding wearing metals — like belts and other accessories — whenever possible. Dressing light and simple is crucial, especially if you plan on wearing your baby with a strap.


There is nothing worse than trying to take your seat on a crowded plane while holding a baby. Parents who travel with babies will often have the ability to get on the plane before first class and priority borders. Bypassing the line will allow you to take your seat and get settled before the aircraft is full of passengers looking for their seat. To be sure you’ll be able to board early, it doesn’t hurt to ask the airline representative about it upon arrival at the gate. Boarding early can save parents a lot of stress and hassle, however, if they have a baby who is squirmish or throwing a tantrum, it may be best to wait to board the plane last.


As a parent, changing diapers is probably a challenge you have already conquered. However, changing diapers while in an airport or on a plane is a whole different ball game. Parents will want to consider the passengers around them when it’s time for a diaper change. Some passengers may not want to see (or smell) a naked, soiled baby. Whether you are on a layover or on a plane en route to your destination, diaper changing should be done in the bathroom. If you find the bathroom without a changing table, it is most convenient to change your baby on your lap while sitting on the toilet. It’s definitely a challenge, but it can be done!


When traveling, especially if the destination is a long ways away, a baby is bound to cry. When a baby cries in a small area filled with people, they are bound to become aggravated. Of course, parent’s will feel guilty for this, but having a plan for crying can quickly stop a small problem from becoming a much bigger one. When babies cry, parents can ease tension by calmly and quietly trying to pacify their baby. Some parents think it’s best to get up and walk down the aisle way with the baby, but that will just cause a larger distraction. Parents should try to entertain their crying baby with toys or another distraction they hopefully have nearby packed away in their carry on.


Traveling with babies is definitely a new and interesting adventure. However, babies shouldn’t make traveling a nightmare for parents.  But with the proper amount of preparation, support, and attitude, many parents are pleased to find that traveling with little ones is not difficult at all!

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