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Tips For A Healthy Baby During The Holidays

Tips For A Healthy Baby During The Holidays

‘Tis the season of snot, boogers, coughs, and fevers. The holiday season is a time filled with cheer, family, celebration, and enjoyment. However, this time of year can be the season of anxiety for some parents with a baby or infant. As a parent, it is hard to watch your baby get sick. As soon as that first sneeze or cough comes, it is often followed a week full of stress, worrying, and maybe even a trip to your pediatrician. One thing is for sure, most parents are willing do whatever it takes to prevent their children from getting sick, especially when they are in the infant and toddler stage.

To help you avoid the stresses associated with sickness in your little tike and enjoy the holiday season more, try following these simple and effective tips that can help prevent snotty noses, congestion, and colds.


Clean hands are an important and essential first step to preventing your little one from getting a cold or catching a nasty bug. Our hands are filled with germs, sometimes, more than we realize. Just by touching surfaces, door knobs, and other household objects, you can pick up various germs, bacteria, and viruses. Plus, you’re more susceptible to germs and viruses when you are in public places, like stores, restaurants, or even work. You, and whoever else comes in contact with your baby, should have clean hands, or they could potentially risk transferring a virus or germs to your baby.

When washing your hands, be sure to use hand soap and warm water. For the best cleaning, rub your hands vigorously for about 15 to 20 seconds. An easy way to ensure you’re cleaning your hands properly and long enough, and to get into the holiday spirit, is to try humming ‘Jingle Bells. If you don’t have access to a bathroom or sink, use a safe hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizers made from toxic additives can be harmful for you and your infant. Instead, choose one that is plant-based.

oogiebear tip: don’t forget about your baby! Be sure to keep your little one’s hands clean, too. Think about how often those little paws go into their mouths!


Speaking of germs, you’d be surprised at how many are living in your home! Germs can be just about everywhere, whether in sinks, on TV remotes, on toothbrushes, on tables, on pets, and so much more! In fact, out of all the rooms in a home — yes, even the bathroom — the kitchen is where germs thrive the most. We’re not saying to lock down your home and go into quarantine mode, but during the cold and flu season, it is helpful to frequently disinfect areas throughout your home. Be sure to wipe surfaces, clean bathrooms, and disinfect commonly used items.


If you notice your baby is showing signs of discomfort associated with colds, or seems to be congested, try the ‘steam cleaning’ method. Steam can be beneficial in loosening up congestion in babies and infants and can help relieve some of the discomforts that come with catching a bug.

oogiebear tip: Turn your bathroom into an effective source of steam! With the bathroom door closed and the shower on at the highest temperature possible, sit in the bathroom for about 10 to 15 minutes for quick relief!


As parents, there is a lot we can do to help protect our children from catching a cold or flu. But, unfortunately, that sometimes is not enough. Many people can transfer germs and viruses to your child, especially if their hands aren’t clean. Not to mention, if your child is enrolled in child care, they are at a higher risk of picking up a bug. Plus, with the holiday season here, family and friends at gatherings may not be able to resist your cutie, and going from person to person can increase their chances of getting sick.


Being sick is a miserable time for babies. While there still isn’t a magical remedy to quickly get rid of the sickness, parents can help distract their little one from all the discomfort and irritation caused by a sickness. If your child starts to show signs of a cold and discomfort, be sure to cuddle them like there is no tomorrow! Cuddling has been proven to help babies relax and rest, which is essential for the healing process. Try listening to soft lullaby music, rocking them, and reading books to help them relax.  


Common cold viruses are known to increase the number of boogers in your baby’s nose. Even though boogers can be gross, removing them is essential to helping your little one breathe better. For safe and effective baby booger removal, parents need the oogiebear! The oogiebear is a booger removal tool that safely and gently removes boogers from babies noses. This tool is a must-have in newborn accessories. Get your booger removal tool today!

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