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Mommy’s Medicine Cabinet Checklist

Mommy’s Medicine Cabinet Checklist

If you have kids, you’re more than aware that accidents happen and kids get sick. You also know that every scraped knee and runny nose doesn’t require a trip the ER. Some bruises can be handled right at home, others require a doctor’s visit. We’ve put together a list of items every parent should have on hand in their medicine cabinet for all booboo and booger incidents.

1. Neosporin

With all that energy our little ones have, life happens. After spending so much time jumping from couch to couch in efforts to escape imaginary lava, a rug burn or two is bound to happen. Whether it’s a rug burn or scrape from playing extreme hopscotch on the concrete, Neosporin is great for helping to prevent infections and relieve pain from minor burns, scrapes and paper cuts. It’s even known to prevent the appearance of scars.

2. Band-Aids

This one is a no brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people flood into pharmacies for emergency band-aids when someone has a small accident at home. It’s always a great idea to keep these stocked in your medicine closet in various sizes for small accidents.

3. Fun Wraps

If your child is recovering from an injury that required a doctor’s visit, or maybe even hurt his ankle a bit and needs some support, you shouldn’t have to run to the pharmacy for wraps every time. Stock up on Fun Wraps. Their super cool patterns and colors make them perfect for kids. These elastic bands are just as effective as the boring brown ones, but kids get a kick out of the awesome prints and so will you.

4. oogiebear

Some first time moms don’t realize how messy the booger situation can be when they’re stocking their medicine cabinets. Smart moms know a safer booger removal tool like oogiebear is hard to find and completely essential for the many messy booger moments babies have. oogiebear is an effective and mom tested tool that easily removes dry and sticky mucus so babies with colds and allergies can breathe more easily.

5. Thermometer

Do we even need to see a doctor? A good old fashioned thermometer can tell you just how serious your child’s fever is. Digital thermometers are just as good.

6. Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen

If your child does in fact have a fever or an achy head, these ingredients can offer some incredible relief. Like any other medicine, it’s important to use caution when giving your child pain relievers. Read the back of the labels and make sure you are giving your child the appropriate dosage for his or her age. If your child is less than 3 months old, it’s a good idea to check with your doctor before giving him ANY medications at all. Ibuprofen is also not recommended for infants less than 6 months old.

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Written by Dr. Nina Farzin, Inventor of oogiebear

Nina is a wife, mother and career professional who never intended to start her own business. When her children were newborns, she ached to ease the discomfort from dry, stubborn, crusty mucus (boogers)! As a doctor, she knew there were no safe solutions on the market to help her kids, so she invented oogiebear, a revolutionary booger removal tool that helps babies breathe easier.

Nina graduated Howard University where she earned her doctorate in Pharmacy (R.Ph, Pharm.D). She is a Registered Pharmacist in Washington DC, Maryland and New York. Nina and her family are fitness enthusiasts who enjoy outdoor activities and healthy eating.

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Note: This blog post is intended for informational purposes only and not to give professional medical advice. Please consult your doctor about any questions you may have regarding your child’s health and before following any of the suggestions in this post.

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