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Dos and Don'ts of Cleaning Your Baby's Ears

Dos and Don'ts of Cleaning Your Baby's Ears

Part of parenting is keeping your baby clean and healthy. Many new parents find that they aren’t exactly sure how to properly wash their babies. This is very normal—parenting is a learn-on-the-job position that won’t always come naturally. Part of keeping a baby clean is cleaning their ears. Check out these common dos and don’ts of cleaning your baby’s ears to avoid some common mistakes new parents make.

Don’t: Neglect behind the ears

The areas behind your child’s ears are delicate places where bacteria can thrive if you don’t clean them properly and regularly. This is a place many adults forget to wash on their own faces, so it can be easy to forget your child’s. Dirt and oils can build up here, causing acne and discomfort for you child.

Do: Wash the outer ears very carefully

When you’re washing your baby’s face, wet a soft washcloth or cotton ball with warm water. Be sure the water isn’t too hot so as not to burn your baby. Gently rub the wet cloth or cotton on the outside of your child’s ears, being sure to get in the little crevices and nooks as you do so. Clean behind your baby’s ears to remove and dirt or oils that may have built up through the day.

Don’t: Let earwax build up

Earwax buildup can lead to ear infections, discomfort, and trouble hearing for your baby. Earwax is a common and natural part of being human, but too much can be a problem. This is especially true when your child is congested or sick. Children under the age of five are much more likely to develop ear infections than adults and older children.

Do: Safely remove excess earwax

Going too deep into your child’s ear to remove earwax can damage their ears and cause them pain. Many adults use cotton swabs to remove their own earwax, but these can extend too far in babies’ ears and may cause damage. For the right baby booger tool, try using Oogiebear. Designed to prevent accidental damage to your baby’s ears while effectively removing excess earwax, this is the perfect little baby booger remover.

If you have any questions or concerns you have about properly caring for your child, don’t hesitate to contact your pediatrician. They’re there to help you navigate the challenges of early parenthood and find the best methods for caring for your child’s well-being.

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