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Common Colds in Newborns: What to Expect

Common Colds in Newborns: What to Expect

One of the most common diseases that affect newborns is a cold. This article will talk about how to treat the common cold in a newborn baby and what you can expect from them when they have one.

The first thing you should know about common colds in newborns is that they are not significantly different than other people's colds-they happen to be more fragile because their immune systems haven't fully developed yet. Treating these babies with care and following some basic guidelines will make sure that everyone stays healthy!

Causes of the common cold in newborn baby

The first time a baby gets the common cold, it is usually from their parents. This is because they are much more susceptible to catching the virus and also have weaker immune systems. This is because their lungs are still developing, and they don't yet produce mucus or antibodies to fight off infection as an adult would. Several things can cause a baby to catch a cold, such as kissing them on the mouth or touching their face with your hands after you've touched something contaminated (such as tissues). Babies who live around other kids will probably get one sooner because of all their contact with each other. Some people think that babies should be given antibiotics when they come down with a cold.

Symptoms of a common cold in newborns

A common cold is an infection of the nose, throat, and sometimes even the lungs. The first signs of a common cold in newborns are usually the same for adults: runny nose, congestion, and cough. The symptoms can be mild to severe. One sign that may seem like it doesn't matter much but does affect your baby's health is sneezing. Sneezing affects how air flows into your baby's lungs, potentially leading to respiratory problems later on in life. The common cold in newborns can also make them dehydrated and cause respiratory issues if not cared for.

How to treat common colds in newborns

There aren't really any specific treatments for the common cold in a newborn baby. The best thing you can do is make sure they stay hydrated and give them plenty of fluids, especially if their nose is stuffy (you should use saline drops). You shouldn't be giving your baby too much Tylenol or any other cold medicine, especially if they are under the age of two. This could potentially lead to drug overdoses and liver damage which is very dangerous for a baby's health. Because newborns can't fight off infections on their own, you must take them in for regular checkups so doctors can make sure everything looks normal.

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