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Signs Your Baby Might Have a Sinus Infection

Signs Your Baby Might Have a Sinus Infection

Parents of newborns know they’ll do absolutely anything make sure their little bundle of joy is healthy and happy. Some of the most common ailments in babies are sinus infections. The exact reason why babies are prone to sinus infections isn’t known, but they do tend to get more sinus infections than older children. Check out this guide to learn the main signs your baby might have a sinus infection so that you can seek proper treatment for them.


A fever is a sign of sickness in your baby, and it may be an indication of a possible sinus infection. If you notice your child has a fever for more than three days, contact your pediatrician right away—they should tell you how to proceed based on the fever data and your child’s other symptoms.


If your baby is experiencing more mucus than normal or if it’s a darker color than usual, this may be a sign they’re suffering from a sinus infection. Babies aren’t yet able to blow their noses to clear their nasal passageways. Instead, you may need to use a baby booger tool to extract boogers from your baby’s nose to help them breathe normally again. If the mucus coming out of your child is dark in color, contact your pediatrician right away, as this is a clear sign of a sinus infection.

Trouble sleeping or eating

If your infant is having trouble eating as much as they normally do or they’re not on their regular sleeping schedule, not falling asleep for naps, and crying or acting more irritable than normal, you may have a baby suffering from a sinus infection on your hands. When babies have sinus infections, they can find eating difficult, as they have to breathe through their mouths. They also may have trouble sleeping due to discomfort and postnasal drip.

If you’ve noticed any or all of these signs your baby might have a sinus infection, contact a pediatrician and describe your child’s issues. They should have further advice and be able to tell you when you need to bring your baby in to the office for a checkup.

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