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How to help a sick baby sleep better at night

How to help a sick baby sleep better at night

Babies get sick—it happens. There are so many reasons that a baby getting sick can stress out parents. Parents never want to see their child uncomfortable or sick. It’s heartbreaking. It also means parenting is harder than it already is. Your baby may not want to eat or sleep and may become more irritable. This means less sleep and downtime for Mom and Dad. Learning how to help a sick baby sleep better at night can make life a little easier for both baby and parents.


Investing in a humidifier for the room your infant sleeps in is a great idea. Many infants have problems with congestion, and humidifiers help to keep their nasal passageways open. More humid air is easier to breathe in and helps open up those swollen nostrils. Make sure to clean your child’s humidifier often to make sure it’s not putting dirty air particles or water into the air. Clearing up your baby’s congestion, even a little bit, may be enough to get them to sleep.


Your baby is most likely experiencing some congestion. This is uncomfortable for anyone, especially babies who can’t take decongestant aids yet. Try using an Oogie nose picker tool to get some of the mucus out of your baby’s nostrils. You can also use an organic chest rub for babies before putting your child down for sleep. This helps open up the nasal passageways and allows your baby to breathe better without the aid of medication. A soothing chest rub may also relax your child enough to get them to sleep.


If you’re not finding anything that helps your baby sleep better when they’re sick, consider talking to your pediatrician. They may ask you to bring your child in for a check-up and may even have some more suggestions to try. Sleep is essential to healing, so the more sleep your child gets, the faster they will be able to beat their sickness. With your child back on their regular sleep schedule, you’ll be able to keep your energy up and return to your normal routines as well.

Illness happens and is a normal part of life. Luckily, there are so many ways to help a sick baby sleep better at night. Try some of these suggestions and find what works best for your baby.

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