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"Has anyone seen Dad?"

"Has anyone seen Dad?"

As a mom, I bring a particular perspective to the world and to my work here at oogiebear. Whether we’re coming up with new product ideas or thinking of ways to spread the word about our existing products, it seems like every question starts out, “How does Mom do this?” or “What does Mom do about that?”  
Mom’s world may revolve around baby, but the world of baby care revolves around moms. 
Which recently got me wondering...

Where’s Dad?

oogiebear is all about finding a better way to care for babies — challenging “the way we’ve always done it.” So let’s apply this same thinking to our communications. Let’s bring in more dads. 
I asked my favorite father (besides my own, of course), my husband Sina, what he thought. Is this something that he’s noticed? Would he like to see fathers like him play a bigger role in baby care marketing? Here’s what he said: “Yes! Fathers are more involved in child care today than they have ever been, but that’s not usually what’s portrayed. I would love to see you talking to dads as much as moms. We get up at 3 AM too when one of our kids doesn’t feel well. We have the same questions when we’re standing next to a crib in the middle of the night wondering, ‘What do I do?’” 
That was all the validation I needed. And what better time to start than Father’s Day? 
Now, I know not all moms and not all babies have the benefit of a partner to share the challenges and worries and questions and joys — most of all the joys — of parenting with. Maybe that’s what leads many companies to sideline dads in their messaging, which is understandable. But to me, that’s all the more reason to celebrate those fathers who are there rocking baby in the middle of the night and changing diapers and giving baths and doing the millions of other things new parents do for their little ones. The bond you have with your baby will immeasurably enrich both of your lives, for the rest of your lives. 
To all you fathers — and especially Sina — happy Father’s Day! 
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