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Baby Nasal Aspirators Work – That’s Not the Problem

Baby Nasal Aspirators Work – That’s Not the Problem

Everything we do here at oogiebear arises from one simple question: “Is there a better way to do this?” Caring for our babies relies on so many things that are just “the way we’ve always done it” that sometimes we overlook opportunities to do something a little better.  

That was what prompted us to introduce our original (and groundbreaking) booger removal tool. The main option parents had at the time to relieve their babies’ congestion were nasal aspirators, especially bulb aspirators, and they had shortcomings. It’s not that they didn’t work – they do – but they had issues nonetheless. 

Different kinds of nasal aspirators, one basic function 

There are different kinds of baby nasal aspirators, but they all use gentle suction to remove mucus (sometimes softened with saline spray) from a baby’s nose. When you squeeze a bulb aspirator, suction is created when the rubbery material springs back to its original shape; but the effectiveness of the suction can be questionable, and some aspirators require mom or dad to suck on a tube like a straw to draw mucus out — Yuck! There are even battery operated or USB chargeable aspirators that create suction with a tiny motor.  

The problem with cleaning nasal aspirators 

So far, so good – your baby’s nose is now clear. But here’s where the main drawback of most baby nasal aspirators lies: cleaning them after baby is breathing easy again. 

Bulb aspirators are usually a single piece of material with a very small opening at the end. It’s exceedingly difficult to adequately wash and dry them on the inside, so what happens? Mold grows…and then you are sticking it in your baby’s nose! <shudderDefinitely not good.  

Oral suction aspirators are just as difficult to clean and even more difficult to assemble (you must be very diligent and thorough), but more importantly, they may carry the risk of bacterial or viral transmission with their direct physical link between a parent’s mouth and a baby’s nose.  

A better way is on its way 

Here at oogiebearwe’ve prided ourselves with our creation of the oogiebear number #1 voted and best-selling baby booger picker and ear wax removal tool. When we looked at baby nasal aspirators and asked ourselves if there was a way to make a better one, the answer was, “Yes, definitely!”. oogiebear is a new and improved way of cleaning your baby’s nose, without the hassle of assembly or worry of contamination!  Sometimes we just do what we are told to do... without questioning if there are better methods. That’s definitely the case with old, outdated aspirators. We think it's time to update our methods. We know aspirators work for the wet mucus, and that the oogiebear has you covered for dry, rough and/or sticky boogers (the stuff that matters). So, it’s time we introduce the best combination for baby nasal and ear care; an improved take on the aspirator — oogiebear’s way — and the original oogiebear booger picker. This little handy tool was not just a newly invented product, it has everyone thinking about a new category of baby nasal care products. That is oogiebear’s whole mission: to find better and safer ways to help babies and parents breathe easier. It’s just that simple. 

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