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Baby Maintenance: How to Properly Wash Your Baby's Face

Baby Maintenance: How to Properly Wash Your Baby's Face

When you are starting to wind your baby down for bed, one of the best steps is to give your child a relaxing bath. Baths keep baby clean, warm, relaxed, and snuggly. There are few more joy-filled moments during early parenthood than snuggling with your clean baby, wrapped in a towel, before their bedtime. Check out this guide on baby maintenance: how to properly wash your baby’s face.

Start with the eyes

Start by gently washing around your baby’s eyes. Get the eye crusts out and make sure no dirt or foreign matter is lodged in the corners or lashes. Use a soft cloth and dampen it with warm water. Be sure not to make the water too hot, and avoid water that is too cold, as it can be uncomfortable for them.

Move to the rest of the face

With a warm, wet washcloth, continue to gently wash your baby’s face. Avoid soap and harsh cleansers. Gently wipe your baby’s forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Don’t scrub or be too rough on your baby’s skin. Use a calming voice and talk to your baby while you do this to keep them calm. Some babies may love getting their face washed while others dislike it. Try to keep the time soothing and comforting for your child.

Get easy-to-forget-about places

Don’t forget to wipe down behind the baby’s ears and in the creases behind their nostrils. Dirt can build up in these locations if not tended to regularly, which can lead to discomfort or skin irritation for your baby. Be careful not to rub too hard in these areas.

After-washing routine

Develop an after-washing routine for your baby to keep them relaxed and prepare them for sleep. After washing your child’s face, softly dab the skin with a fluffy towel to dry them off, being careful not to rub their skin. Washing takes away some of the natural oils in your child’s skin, which makes a moisturizing skincare routine essential. Try to use organic baby skincare products to keep your child’s skin smooth, moisturized, and healthy after a drying wash. These can also soothe your child while keeping their skin healthy and soft. Oogiebear skincare products’ organic ingredients promote skin cell growth, moisture, relief from inflammation, and relaxation—all keys to healthy and happy babies. Babies have sensitive skin that needs to be carefully tended to, and it all starts with a gentle skincare routine.

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