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At oogiebear, we specialize in enhancing your baby's breathing health through our expertly designed nasal and ear care tools. Dedicated to simplicity and safety, our innovative products ensure gentle yet effective care for the smallest and most delicate nasal passages. Join countless parents and caregivers who trust oogiebear to improve their baby's comfort and well-being every day. Experience the expertise of oogiebear in your baby care routine.

oogiebear brite

Voted Best Kid's Ear Wax Removal Kit of 2024

Explore the oogiebear brite - a booger and ear wax picker with a light! This product is perfect for safely cleaning baby's nose and ears while they are asleep, and without waking them up!

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our patented design on our booger and ear wax pickers makes this the only tool available equipped for removing both sticky and dry mucus from baby's nose or ears

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