Meet Nina Farzin, The Inventor of oogiebear

Let’s face it: having a new baby means a lot of anxious, tired nights. I myself have worried through my fair share of those sleepless nights during cold and flu seasons with my three children. Their discomfort was always disheartening, and especially difficult when they were babies. I tried everything I could to ease them, but the real challenge came when I had to tackle those dry, crusty, stubborn (I’ll just say it) boogers. I knew there had to be a better way and I was determined to find it.

As a Doctor of Pharmacy, I didn’t set out to start my own business. It was my experiences as a mom and medical professional that set me down the oogiebear path and to create inventions for babies healthcare. I wanted to create something that combined expertise and care into an effective and safe booger picker — one that wasn’t like anything on the market! I laugh that I’m now the “queen of boogers”, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.



Why did I invent oogiebear® and other convenient inventions for babies healthcare?


I invented the oogiebear® to help babies (and their parents) breathe easier. It’s effective; it’s safe; it’s cute; it’s everything I needed as an anxious young mom with new babies. When I first began in 2015, I never imagined my ideas and baby product inventions would turn into something that would help thousands of children and parents worldwide. I learned that many parents were just like me and wanted better baby inventions and solutions for caring for their babies. I also never imagined inventing a category for a booger and ear wax removal tool that is unlike the 40+ year-old aspirators on the market. oogiebear revolutionizes the baby nasal aspirator category. No one has questioned this outdated suction aspirator method before. oogiebear provides a modern solution for cleaning little noses and little ears, too!


I firmly stand behind what we do here at oogiebear and I’ve made it my mission to provide safer and more effective products for parents. oogiebear is what happens when care teams up with expertise and makes a promise to new moms and dads…a simple promise that becomes enormously important when it’s just you and your baby at 3 AM.

Nina Farzin