meet the inventor

I had parented through my fair share of cold and flu seasons with three children. My children’s discomfort was very disheartening and particularly difficult when they were newborns and infants. I did everything I could to ease them but the real challenge came when I had to tackle those dry, crusty, stubborn (I couldn’t believe it) boogers.
I did not set out to start my own business but as a pharmacist with a Doctorate degree, it was hard to believe that there was nothing on the market to easily and effectively clean a baby’s nose. I knew there had to be a better way to clean my baby’s nose and soothe their discomfort.
I invented the oogiebear® booger tool to help my babies breathe easier. I never imagined that it would help thousands of children and thousands of parents, world wide. I learned that parents who oogie all want one thing: a better way to care for their baby. I firmly stand behind what we do here at oogie and I’ve made it my mission to provide safer and more effective products for parents.

Nina Farzin