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All You Need to Know About Your Baby’s Earwax

Earwax is the normal lubricant of the ear that protects the lining of the ear canal. So in general, it is a good thing. It is an accumulation of many different skin oils, skin debris, dirt, and other exudates that collect in the ear canal. Just as our skin contains lubricating oils to help protect against drying from water loss and heat damage, ear wax functions to moisten the ear canal while also helping to filter out bacteria, dirt and other pathogens. The wax dries up, becomes flaky, and falls out of the ear on its own. However, excess earwax, dirt, and debris can build up to beyond moderate conditions and can lead to extremely dirty and poor functioning ears. In this case, you may need to remove earwax from your baby’s ears.

Are cotton swabs effective?

Cotton-tipped swabs seem like a good resource for little ears, but they are not the best option for cleaning babies’ ears. Cotton-tipped swabs seem like a good resource for little ears, but they are not the best option for babies. They are not effective in pulling the dry and sticky stuff out. To the contrary, cotton swabs act as a plunger, pushing earwax deeper into the ear canal. This makes the earwax harder to reach and creates more discomfort for your baby. Cotton swabs are manufactured with a cotton tip over a thin, hard, rigid stick, that can poke or jab dirt into the ear canal, potentially damaging vital structures. In addition, cotton swabs may start to unravel, leaving cotton fibers behind and causing more problems. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, a recent study found that children go to the emergency room each day for cotton-tipped swab ear injuries. Most injuries happened when cleaning the ears. Earwax can also build up if children wear earplugs or stick their fingers in their ears. Due to these issues, it would make sense that parents would look for alternative methods to make ear wax removal for kids easier and less of a hassle. Over-the-counter products can help treat earwax buildup, however, some products can lead to more problems.


oogiebear to the rescue!!!

How do you clean out your baby’s ears without causing harm? oogiebear can be used without worrying about potentially hurting your baby. This is what sets oogiebear apart from other baby earwax removal products.

oogiebear is an FDA-approved medical device with two unique tips that allow for effective and safe baby earwax removal and booger removal. The patented bear-head design isn’t just cute, it is a safety mechanism that prevents oogiebear from going too far into your baby’s ears and nose, thereby protecting your baby. oogiebear is one of the best ways to clean out earwax from babies’ ears. oogiebear is especially effective when used following a warm bath – the warmth and moisture will assist in the effective remove of  visible baby’s ear wax and boogers.

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