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Tips for Traveling with Your Newborn

Tips for Traveling with Your Newborn

While not ideal for parents or fellow travelers, sometimes traveling with an infant is unavoidable. Having a young child shouldn’t stop you from traveling, although it does make it harder. Explore these tips for traveling with your newborn to make the journey easier for your baby, you, and other travelers.

Prepare and Be Early

Plan to get to the airport about an hour before you would if you were going without your child. There is bound to be some spit up, car seat drama, or a crying breakdown (yours or your child’s) that makes you a little later than planned. It can also be stressful trying to get through airport security with your baby and all your diaper bag items, so allotting some extra time can be helpful. Additionally, try to schedule your flight for when nap time usually is so your child sleeps through the majority of the flight. This makes it easier on parents and other passengers.

Pro Parent Tip: To alleviate the stress on your baby’s ears during take-off and landing, nurse or feed the child. Swallowing helps to “pop” the pressure in their ears, and the distraction of food may help avoid or lessen the pain-induced meltdown.

Keep the Essentials Close

When you’re traveling, whether by plane or motor vehicle, it’s important to keep the essentials all in one convenient grab-and-go location. This may be a diaper bag or a backpack or even a small suitcase. Keep diapers, wipes, burp cloths, bottles, favorite toys, extra baby clothes and parent clothes, and more essentials all together. You never know when your little one will spit up or have a big poopy accident. Ease the stress of parenting during travel by preparing for every potential problem—pack a baby care kit for your little one that’s easy to use and move.

Stay Calm

Take deep breaths. Even if this is your baby’s first time traveling, they’ll adjust and adapt to it. All babies do is have new experiences and not every single part of traveling will go as planned. That’s okay! Parenting isn’t easy, and parenting during a trip is even harder. Breathe, stay calm, and remember you’re a great parent who loves your child.

These are just a few of the tips for traveling with your newborn. For the best baby care kits, check out Oogie collections. We have organic, safe, easy-to-use products made especially for babies.

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