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Nine Diaper Bag Essentials

Nine Diaper Bag Essentials

Babies and toddlers need a lot of stuff, and we mean A LOT! Many of the things our little ones need often are needed on-the-go, too. Usually, there are too many items to carry or put in your purse, and one thing is for sure, diaper bags are the best way to bring your baby’s essentials on the road. A diaper bag — more like a utility bag — is basically a parent’s life support for the next two to three years of running numerous errands, going on various adventures, and anything else they do with their baby in tow.

While it is nice to always be prepared, if you are not careful, your diaper bag can easily become overpacked, heavy, and cluttered with unnecessary items. Of course, as a parent you want to be ready for any situation, but do you really need to overstuff your bag to the point that your hunched over, overwhelmed, and exhausted? The good news is that even with all the things our little loved ones need, it isn’t always necessary to pack everything. To help parents out there who are tired of lugging around a diaper bag filled with who knows what, we put together a list of diaper bag essentials that you won’t want to leave home without!


Starting with the obvious, diapers and wipes are something parents will not want to forget to stock their diaper bag with. Diapers and wipes are a package deal  — if you don’t have one, the other won’t be as effective. It is best to ensure your diaper bag is always stocked with two to three diapers, more if you plan on being away from home for a while. Wipes will not only come in handy during diaper changes but also for cleaning sticky hands or dirty surfaces.


Nothing turns parents into a germaphobe like having a baby, after all they have a small, immature immune system to protect! It’s always nice having a small bottle of hand sanitizer nearby, and even more convenient when you add the tiniest and messiest human into the picture. Sanitizer will come in handy during quick diaper changes where areas to wash your hands might not be available. In addition, it will help prevent the spread of germs to your little one.


Even though you may not always need extra outfits, nothing is worse than a massive spit-up down the front of your baby’s shirt and pants with no back-ups in the diaper bag. While some parents are extra precautious and pack three to four extra outfits for their baby or toddler. Really only one, at most two, extra outfits are needed if you are running errands or doing other tasks with your little one. Too many outfits can cause diaper bags to become cluttered. At least with one outfit, parents can have peace of mind knowing they have a back-up ready incase of a huge, all-over-the-front-and-everywhere explosion. Be sure to bring extra socks, too.


Some parents are hesitant to use the changing tables in malls, restaurants, and other public areas. While these spots are usually stocked with table liners, parents far too often find them to be empty. This can be a problem, especially with a messy and smelly baby or toddler in hand. Parents are better off investing in a foldable diaper changing pad in their diaper bag. With these, parents can assure that they will always have a comfy layer between their baby and not-so-sanitary table


Depending on a mother’s level of comfort breastfeeding in public, a quality nursing cover can be a blessing! You’ll never know when your baby is ready to eat and you won’t always have the privacy of your own home. Luckily, nursing covers are a great way for mothers to comfortably breastfeed in public. If you don’t breastfeed, be sure to always have a bottle and some formula in your bag before heading out, instead.


Pacifiers or a soothing tool are another necessity to pack in your diaper bag. They seem to come in handy most when your little one decides to throw a tantrum while grocery shopping or running other errands. And, it never hurts to throw an extra pacifier in the bag before heading out, as they easily can become lost or dirty.


Ensure that tiny hiny is protected no matter where you go! Nothing wreaks havoc on a baby’s bottom than diaper rash. It is best to be prepared with a small bottle of preventative diaper cream in your bag. While you may never need it while out and about, it is better to have it when you really need it than not have it at all. You can check your local supermarkets to find convenient travel-sized tubes.


You’ll want to be sure to have plenty of snacks packed before heading out the door. Depending on the age of your little one, this may be a jar of baby food or little finger foods. In addition to the food and snacks you pack for your little one, it is essential for parents to pack themselves a little snack too. Parenting can be exhausting, and having small snacks and a bottle of water in your diaper bag is perfect for the time when hunger strikes and you need an energy boost.


Nothing is worse than having a congested baby. And with the cold and flu being so bad this year, it is not uncommon for your little one to be stuffy and congested. Nasal congestion can make it difficult for babies to breathe, and when you are on the go it can be hard to relieve baby congestion. The solution is oogiebear! oogiebear is an effective and safe way to remove baby boogers and snot. This booger scooper’s convenient size fits perfectly in diaper bags, not taking up too much space. Plus, the oogiebear is also a tool for toddler ear wax removal, making it a must-have for the diaper bag before leaving home.

Nothing is more overwhelming than an overflowing diaper bag. By including the essentials above, you can feel better prepared to take on the day with your little one! Interested in adding the oogiebear to your diaper bag inventory? Order the oogiebear today!

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