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Natural Treatments for Dry Baby Skin

Natural Treatments for Dry Baby Skin

Babies have very delicate skin that requires careful care to remain soft, smooth, and healthy. Healthy skin can make your infant more comfortable and cut down on irritation. However, just like adults, babies often experience dry skin. Their skin is so sensitive that small changes in skin care, the weather, and environment can cause dry skin to form quickly. When your baby is suffering from dry skin, consider these natural treatments for dry baby skin.

Oatmeal baths

Water and soap can dry out the skin, so even though bath time is important, it could harm your child’s skin. Adding a small amount of oatmeal to your baby’s bath can reduce the irritation of dry skin. Oatmeal soothes and hydrates dry skin and cuts down on the itching sensation your baby may be feeling. It may also reduce the drying effects of the soap and calm any irritated spots on your child’s skin.

Increase liquid intake

Dry skin can be a sign of dehydration in infants. Keep a close eye on how much liquid your baby drinks a day, and try to increase the amount if necessary. Talk to your pediatrician about increasing your baby’s liquid intake, and get their advice on the best ways and times to do so. Always consult your doctor before changing your infant’s diet or feeding schedule. Tell them about the dry skin and your proposed solution, and take their advice.

Moisturize after every washing and throughout the day

Moisturize your baby after every washing and a few times throughout the day, such as before their morning and afternoon naps. Moisturizing your baby’s skin keeps it soft and hydrated without irritating your child further. For face and nose irritation and dryness, try using a baby face balm stick from Oogie. It’s a soothing, natural treatment for dry baby skin—it will hydrate your child’s skin in its most sensitive spots. Under-the-nose irritation is common in babies with colds or allergies because of snot buildup and frequent rubbing. A face balm stick soothes the area, and it’s non-greasy and comfortable for baby.

If your baby is experiences extremely dry skin, contact your pediatrician for help and more information.

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